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Hi Rob,

Before anything else, Print This Page

as you are probably going to delete it.


Then go here:




Enter the user name and the password sent to you and log in.

Then go here:




Then click here:





Then you can edit this page:

Position your cursor where you want to add an image and then click ‘add media’ as indicated below.






Then click the ‘Upload Files’ button








Then you can either ‘drag n drop’ your images directly from the folder, or

press the  ‘Select Files’ button to locate and choose the files from your computer.



Select the images you want to upload and click Okay, Save, Upload etc in the bottom right
This image may be different to yours as I am doing this on a Mac.




Then the image will begin uploading – if the pics are high-res, they may take a while.
We can limit the size that the image will be displayed on the page in a later section.




Once it is uploaded, make sure the image you want to add to your page is the ONLY image selected.


This is normally indicated by a ‘ticked box’ when it is selected.


Look to the right of the screen and you will the section below.


In the image above, I have added notes where you’ll add your image Name, Caption (if you want a caption displayed immediately under the image) and additional settings as described in more detail below.



Once you’ve added the Title, Caption etc. as indicated above, now it’s time to select the ‘Alignment’ dropdown to choose if you want the image aligned to the LEFT, CENTER or RIGHT of the page. (These images in this explanation are aligned to the CENTER.




Now we choose if you want the image linked to anything.  This is useful if you have large images but we reduce the size so they fit better on the screen.  If your images are large Hi-Res images, you might want to choose (for example) MEDIUM, so they’ll fit on the screen easily.

By linking to the MEDIA FILE, it will allow users to click on the smaller image and it will open up full size so they can appreciate your handiwork in a larger file format.




Now you get to choose the size the image will be displayed on the screen.
As suggested above, You can choose whatever size you like. (If you get it wrong, it’s easy to correct as I’ll show you in the image after this one.




Once you’ve selected the options you want, click the ‘Insert Into Post’ button at the bottom right of your screen.





Okay, say you chose ‘thumbnail’ by mistake, or you thought it’d look good ‘right aligned’ and it looks crappy and you want to change it, Simply click on the photo (as indicated below) and a menu of alignment options will be displayed above the image.
Select your new ‘Alignment’ preference from the 4 options on the left and the image will be realigned immediately.

If you need to resize the image, select the pencil and you will have the resizing options available.




This will mean you now have the images where you want them, at the size you want them.

REMEMBER To Click UPDATE Regularly – (To the right of the top of this page)
It’s as important as SAVE when you are creating anything else…  There is nothing worse than creating an amazing page only to have to start again as there was a ‘glitch’ and the page does not update properly, or it does not relaod at all…  PRESS UPDATE REGULARLY!




Now, whenever you want to add more photo’s, simply repeat these instructions.

You’ll also have to decide f you want to put the newest photo’s at the top of the page, so they’ll go newest to oldest down the page, or

The newest at the bottom, so the top image is the oldest and people will naturally look at the progression before they see the most recent image.


If you get stuck, or if there is anything I have missed or forgotten to explain, call me and I’ll help. 🙂

Happy posting Rob.